Daniel Chluba, Nils Dunkel, Chris Engman, Devin Farrand, Sten Gutglück, Anna K.E., Iwajla Klinke, Roman Liska, Max Machaidze, Florian Meisenberg, Robert Seidel, Pietro Spirito, Rosi Steinbach, Michael Wutz, Sahar Zukerman


“When I Die” is a tongue­ and­ cheek conceit with a serious challenge. Individual wooden crates used in the actual transport of artworks internationally were assigned to each participating artist. The crate’s dimensions determine the overall limit and size of the work by assembling a roster of emerging and established artists. They are mainly in Berlin but also in New York City, Tbilisi, Copenhagen and Los Angeles. They make paintings, photographs, conceptual art, audio work, installation art and sculpture.

The exhibition captures an international spectrum of traditional and experimental art forms. Installed across all three exhibition spaces at 68, these special commissions are presented in their crates. They resemble coffins, refrigerators, medicine cabinets ­ and, in the case of the most miniature crates, a box of cigars or a wooden gift box for wine.

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