Pablo Benzo's new series, to be showcased in our September exhibition, focuses on surreal and cubist three-dimensional "picture within a picture" constructions. This technique allows him to depict objects and landscapes in a multi-layered and profound manner. Born in 1985 in Santiago, Chile, Benzo studied graphic design at the University of Chile until 2009. After graduating, he moved to Berlin in 2013, where he has since lived and worked. His works, known for merging surrealism and cubism, have been exhibited internationally. Benzo uses automatism (Écriture Automatique) to create intuitively by incorporating everything he has seen, experienced, and read into his art. In his world, people can transform into furniture and vice versa, giving his works a distinctive surreal quality. He prefers the colors green and pink, inspired by the hues of his childhood.

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