Tom Anholt, Kevin Baker, Donald Baechler, Amy Bessone, Maya Bloch, Matt Bollinger, Ann Craven, Jared Deery, Baris Gokturk, MacGregor Harp, Vera Iliatova, Max Janson, Egill Kalevi, Doron Langberg, Alissa McKendrick, Aliza Nisenbaum, Giacinto Occhionero, Nadia Haji Omar, Jennifer Packer, Jennifer Steinkamp etc.


68projects opens our third exhibition in frigid, wintry temperatures with three interlinked exhibitions devoted to flowers and love.
Exhibition 1: Much like still life paintings or individual portraits, flowers might appear too antique as a possible subject for art, especially during a period when art is generated from any idea or the absence of an idea.
Exhibition 2: The Garden of Eden represents innocence, a time before our existence and is lodged deep into the western cultural consciousness. It is also a confusing, mythical place.
Exhibition 3: A mistress is a complicated figure. At first glimpse, she seems pathetic or delusional with the constant longing, undying patience and commitment to an unavailable man who schedules and habitually cancels visits. Society is too quick to judge a mistress, and it is easy to take a high moral stance regarding other people’s affairs.

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