Alexandra Baumgartner, Norbert Bisky, Beka Bolkvadze, Carina Brandes, Kelli Jean Drinkwater, Antonio Da Silva, Anita Dube, Nils Dunkel, EVA & ADELE, Arlene Gottfried, Bertram Hasenauer, Roey Heifetz, Yousef Iskandar, Rajkamal Kahlon, Jürgen Klauke, Rona Kobel, Friedrich Kunath, Cabrita Moreno, Kieran Moore, Onorato&Krebs, Jack Pierson, Benyamin Reich, Michael Rockel, Jehoshua Rozenman, Christian Schad, Elizabeth Schmirl u.a.


In our society, everyone is classified as either male or female. This binary conception results in a system of pre-defined desires, needs, and roles tailor-made for men, women, and the heterosexual relationship between the two sexes. “Queertopia” offers a space where we no longer regard gender roles and relations as fixed but as continual attempts to experience ourselves as active subjects within society. It reflects playfully, humorously and critically on the ideal of perfect love, free from social constraints and gender norms. With its diverse selection of works by queer, homo- and heterosexual artists, 68projects wants to render visible and inspire queer life-worlds in the domain of art.

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