Frederic Amat, Eleanna Anagnos, Tom Anholt, Pau Atela, Robert Barry, Christopher Beckman, Amy Bessone, James Bloom, William Bradley, Mary Beth Brooker, Michael Bühler-Rose, Jesse Farber, Gaby Collins-Fernandez, Luis Frangella, Max Frintrop, Luc Fuller, Chitra Ganesh, Baris Gokturk, Joanne Greenbaum, Keith Haring, Ona Jaan, Jasmine Justice, Tamara K.E., Emma Kohlmann, Mitja Konic, Alexander Kroll, Micha Laury, Luciana Levinton, Matt Lifson, Brooke Werhane Maples, Roy McDowell, Mira O’Brien, Christian Pilz, Richard Prince, Jon Pylypchuk, Marco Reichert, Allison Schulnik, Tim Schwartz, Lui Shtini, Brian Sharp, Smash 137/ Adrian Falkner, Peter Stankiewicz, Karl-Fredrik Stenhaug, Ryan Blair Sullivan, Kev Tobin, Feodor Voronov, Kandis Williams, Michael Wutz


“Person, Place or Thing “is an exhibition of works on paper by emerging and established artists selected by Quang Bao, the new artistic director for 68projects in Berlin. Using paper as the basis for the group exhibition allows for a diverse range of artworks and participating artists, tightened by asking each artist to make a work that falls into one of the three categories in a standard guessing-game prompt. Most of the artworks are presented as finished works on paper through a few illustrate the artistic practices of sculptors, film/video makers and performance artists.
“I have always loved the intimacy, evident handiwork and reinvention contained on a single sheet of paper,” Bao said. “I wanted to celebrate the generative power of human imagination.”

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