Cassils, Colette, Mariana Hahn, Jürgen Klauke, Hendrina Krawinkel, Miriam Lenk, Ming Wong, Hansa Wißkirchen


Her performances in the New York of the 1920s were legendary: clad in fantastical costumes and posing in bizarre tableaux vivants, Florence Foster Jenkins belted out operatic arias with unbridled enthusiasm, rarely hitting the right note. She is considered the worst opera singer of all time, despite being convinced, throughout her life, of her exceptional artistic ability, pursuing her career with outstanding tenacity and seriousness. Owing to this combination of eccentric hubris with an extraordinary lack of talent, she nonchalantly transcended gender roles and social class. She thus became a cult figure, admired to this day.
The group exhibition “Me, Myself and I” will show artworks tackling self-dramatisation and identity issues. A spirit of extravagance, a technique of hyperbolic representation all unite the artists and that they are radical, relentless, uncompromising and passionate when it comes to their work. Precisely like the self-styled prima donna, and early camp representative, in the first half of the twentieth century.

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