Marcel Buehler, Hans Diernberger, Veronika Kellndorfer, Anna Mccarthy, Hans-Christian Schink And David Zink-Yi


The group exhibition “Los Angeles”, the third part of our Berlin-L.A. trilogy, featuring Marcel Buehler, Hans Diernberger, Veronika Kellndorfer, Anna McCarthy, Hans-Christian Schink and David Zink-Yi. All artists either stayed at the Villa Aurora or participated in the MAK Schindler Artists-in-Residence Program in Los Angeles. Berlin and Los Angeles, Los Angeles and Berlin – both cities, according to Oliver Zybok’s recently published article “California Dreaming”, are amongst the most important art capitals in the world, with an almost incredible artistic potential. Zybok argues that they are distinguished by a maximum of creative freedom and an almost unheard-of level of openness and cosmopolitanism, connected through a long tradition of reciprocal cultural exchange across the Atlantic. The fact that a stay in a foreign country can also be a moment of introspection and self-examination is illustrated by Marcel Buehler’s collages: “Die halbe Reise” is a look back, consisting of over two hundred pages of collages – a reflection and a look ahead, a container of ideas and a form of self-examination, as well as a commentary on one’s own work.