Tony Cragg, Anna Freeman Bentley, Michelle Jezierski And Alfons Pressnitz


"Der Kühle glanz der Sehnsucht gegen den flüchtigen Moment der Zeit" features works by Tony Cragg, Anna Freeman Bentley, Michelle Jezierski and Alfons Pressnitz. Michelle Jezierski’s paintings create a new image of landscape: overlapping structures, fragments of diverse origin, combined with lines, grids and planes that complement, penetrate and dissolve each other. In contrast to Jezierki’s vast space, Anna Freeman Bentley’s inner space is dense. Alfons Pressnitz confronts the idyll of landscape with its counterpart, consciously settling a score with the romantic notion of landscape. The works of Tony Cragg add a sculptural component to the exhibition. Countless organic units merge into one big whole.

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