Andrea Grützner, Friederike Von Rauch, Tanja Rochelmeyer, Maximilian Schubert


The main focus of the exhibition “Architecture and Abstraction” is on geometric-constructive works, whose primary source of inspiration is architecture. Common to all artistic positions on display is creating certain forms that simultaneously dispense with any documentary or representational characteristics.
If one were to look for similarities between Constructivism, Suprematism, Concrete Art, Hard-edge painting and Minimal Art, one would find them in abstraction. The shared aim is to break free from any reference to the object, combined with a shift towards a pictorial reality, constituted through colours and shapes, light and shade. However, the “new abstraction” of the 21st century gets by without a programmatic reference to the discourse of historical modernism. For instance, it doesn’t pursue a purely rationalistic or objective creation of form, like Concrete Art. While it certainly draws from these sources, it finds its own agile, independent character through a more subjective, individual stance.

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