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Roster Crow

Sat, 6 September 2014

6 September – 8 November 2014

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68projects is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition entitled “RosterCrow: William Bradley, Alexander Kroll, Jennifer Packer” on show from 6th September through 8th November 2014.

Invited by Quang Bao, 68projects’ first artistic director to launch a new artist project space in Berlin, these three emerging artists from London, Los Angeles and New York City, respectively, demonstrate the invigorating, new possibilities of abstract and figurative painting. “RosterCrow” also unveils 68projects’ rotating roster, a by-invitation program that helps artists expand their careers into Europe through exhibitions and publications.

The three artists have complex, engaging painting practices. William Bradley’s multiple-steps approach involves drawings, watercolors and computer renderings before he sits down to paint. Jennifer Packer works with live subjects who are asked to pose long hours while she works, this providing her paintings with intimacy and life without necessarily being concerned by realistic portraiture. Alexander Kroll energetically attacks his canvas, using layers and also tools for erasure and transformation. Canvas is at certain moments left beyond his control.

By exhibiting two abstract and one figurative painter, 68projects asserts the importance and still-meaningful possibilities of oil painting while signaling its primary intent of showcasing emerging painters to new audiences in Europe.

A painting can make you instantly happy, says Bao. I gush in front of the wondrous works of these three painters but my thoughts settle in on their deeper potential contributions to the oldest art form.

For questions or further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to send you printable pictures or other images on request.

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Quang Bao: berlin@68projects.com
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